Solutions Range

Our Range of Solutions

Here at Optomany, we understand that a trusted partnership is the key to prosperity and growth. That is why our goal is to provide high-quality and efficient solutions for all our Partners.

That is why we let you get on with what comes so naturally to you, and that is selling.

So, take a look at our range of market leading products below.

  • Order Portal - Order products & services for your customers, online
  • Devices – PinPads, Countertop, Portable, Mobile & Unattended
  • Unattended terminals – Allow thousands of transactions each day
  • Online Payments - Websites, mobile apps

Order Portal

Our Order Portal allows you to:

  • Order POS terminals for your Customer
  • Choose a range of pricing and package options
  • Deliver the products they want direct to their door

You do not need to manage any paperwork no longer, so move your sales online.

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Card Machine Range

With our 20+ years of experience in the industry, we have developed a great relationship with PAX Technologies, allowing us to offer numerous models suitable for any environment.

  • Mobile terminals
  • Portable terminals
  • Android based terminals

We setup and ship thousands of card machines every month.

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Unattended Terminals

Not all of the card transactions taken however are processed via payment terminals which require the merchant to be present. Payments taken via unattended technologies are increasing, whether it is when hiring a bicycle to travel around London or paying to park in your station car park.

  • Train ticketing
  • Parking payments
  • Events ticketing

Each solution can be customized to fulfil your Customer’s needs.

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Online Payments

Given the ever-changing nature of the environment we live in in today’s world, it will come as no surprise that e-commerce has never been more important.

Use our new online payments service to provide your Customer with a modern-day payment’s solution:

  • A portal and mobile application to track, charge and process refund transactions
  • Ability to accept online payments 24/7 with worldwide cards
  • Free set up and zero service costs
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